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Balance of the Force 2 round 6: Nébal (First Order) vs Sean Oakley (Resistance)

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Balance of the Force 2 round 6! And a new battle report in English. Of course, I’m French, so I’m genetically designed to speak and write an awful English… Please be kind!


Balance of the Force 2 is a tournament organised by the Tin Squadron, based in England. There are six rounds of swiss, one per week, so, yeah, this is the last one. Lists have been unlocked for a single day between round 2 and 3 (which coincided with the new points being implemented). After the swiss, there will be a top 16, and so on.


What makes this tournament peculiar and so interesting is that it is extended format, but with specific rules regarding list building. The main idea is that all pilots are split between three groups, based on their initiative values: the first group encompasses all pilots with initiative 2 or less, the second group is for pilots at initiative 3 or 4, and the third and final group is dedicated to all pilots with initiative 5 or more. Then the rule is that, for each pilot of the first group you play, your list must have a corresponding third group pilot, and vice versa. Group 2 pilots don’t need to have specific counterparts, and if the list has an odd number of pilots, then obviously the remaining odd pilot must be from the second group. There must be no more than three pilots of the same chassis.


Those were already the rules for the first edition of the Balance of the Force tournament. However, new rules have been added for this second edition: now, you may have no more than two ships of the same initiative; furthermore, you may have up to four group 2 pilots.


For this sixth and final round of swiss, I have been paired with Sean, a very nice player from the UK and fellow member of the Tin Squadron, the organizer of the tournament actually, who brought the following Resistance list, with tanky new Y-Wings, an old Han Solo and a tiny Vi Moradi:


Scavenged YT-1300 – •Han Solo – 77 (group 3)

•Han Solo – Jaded Smuggler (62)

•Rey (10)

Swarm Tactics (5)


BTA-NR2 Y-Wing•Zorii Bliss – 49 (group 3)

•Zorii Bliss – Corsair of Kijimi (40)

Advanced Proton Torpedoes (5)

Wartime Loadout (4)


BTA-NR2 Y-Wing•Corus Kapellim – 47 (group 1)

•Corus Kapellim – “Gentleman Flyer” (33)

Ion Cannon Turret (5)

Advanced Proton Torpedoes (5)

Wartime Loadout (4)


Resistance Transport Pod•Vi Moradi – 27 (group 1)

•Vi Moradi – Starling (27)


Total: 200/200


As for myself, I brought a First Order list, a quite silly one although it benefited of the new points:


Upsilon-class Command Shuttle – •Lieutenant Tavson – 73 (group 2)

•Lieutenant Tavson – Obedient Shuttle Pilot (64)

•Sensor Buoy Suite (4)

Pattern Analyzer (5)


TIE/sf Fighter – •“Quickdraw” – 54 (group 3)

•“Quickdraw” – Defiant Duelist (44)

Special Forces Gunner (9)

Fanatical (1)


TIE/sf Fighter – •Captain Phasma – 43 (group 2)

•Captain Phasma – Scyre Survivor (34)

Special Forces Gunner (9)


TIE/fo Fighter•“Muse” – 30 (group 1)

•“Muse” – Epsilon Leader (30)


Total: 200/200


Now to the game.





Defeat for the First Order, 200-138


The early loss of Phasma was a blow (I really hoped she would escape the Advance Proton Torpedoes with this move, but she absolutely didn’t). And Swarm Tactics played a part in that. Those tanky Y-Wings with Wartime Loadout were hard to kill, and Han was Han (for some reason I always have difficulties to figure a YT-1300’s maneuvers). In the end "Quickdraw” could only do so much…


Good game, Sean! And thank you for the tournament!



But none of us made the cut anyway. I had pretty much no chance to make the cut before the game began; Sean was in a better position, but this ultimate victory wasn't enough in the end.


So, as the tournament ends for me, I am 3-3, although it would be more fair to say 2-3, since I was awarded the victory for round 5, my opponent having dropped before we could play our game. Not a very good performance, nope…


As the swiss end, I am 31st out of 69 players (counting only those who have played at least two games). First half of the ladder, but barely...


But that was a great tournament anyway. Thanks to the Tin Squadron for having organized it, and I certainly hope there will be a third edition!



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