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Balance of the Force 2, round 1: Nébal (Scum and Villainy) vs Piotr Piter Nitka (Galactic Empire)

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Balance of the Force 2, round 1! And a new battle report in English. Of course, I’m French, so I’m genetically designed to speak and write an awful English… Please be kind!


Balance of the Force 2 is a tournament organised by the Tin Squadron, based in England. There are six rounds of swiss, one per week. Lists will be unlocked for a single day between round 2 and 3. After the swiss, there will be a top 16, and so on.


What makes this tournament peculiar and so interesting is that it is extended format, but with specific rules regarding the creation of lists. The main idea is that all pilots are split between three groups, based on their initiative values: the first group encompasses all pilots with initiative 2 or less, the second group is for pilots at initiative 3 or 4, and the third and final group is dedicated to all pilots with initiative 5 or more. Then the rule is that, for each pilot of the first group you play, your list must have a corresponding third group pilot, and vice versa. Group 2 pilots don’t need to have specific counterparts, and if the list has an odd number of pilots, then obviously the remaining odd pilot must be from the second group. There must be no more than three pilots of the same chassis.


Those were already the rules for the first edition of the Balance of the Force tournament. However, new rules have been added for this second edition: now, you may have no more than two ships of the same initiative; furthermore, you may have up to only four group 2 pilots.


For this first round, I have been paired with Piter, a very nice player from Upper Silesia, who brought the following imperial list, yes, good ol’ aces, even with the limitations in list building:


TIE Advanced x1 – •Darth Vader – 75 (group 3)

•Darth Vader – Black Leader (66)

Afterburners (7)

Fire-Control System (2)


TIE/in Interceptor – •Soontir Fel – 56 (group 3)

•Soontir Fel – Ace of Legend (54)

Predator (2)


Alpha-class Star Wing – Nu Squadron Pilot – 47 (group 1)

Nu Squadron Pilot (32)

Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (0)

•Diamond-Boron Missiles (5)

Advanced Proton Torpedoes (5)

Advanced SLAM (3)

Fire-Control System (2)


TIE/ln Fighter – Academy Pilot – 22 (group 1)

Academy Pilot (22)


Total: 200/200


As for myself, I brought a Scum and Villainy list with Tractor and Initiative shenanigans, plus a big angry lizard:


Lancer-class Pursuit Craft – •Ketsu Onyo – 76 (group 3)

•Ketsu Onyo – Black Sun Contractor (66)

Shadow Caster (1)

Contraband Cybernetics (3)

•Gamut Key (6)


YV-666 Light Freighter•Bossk – 69 (group 2)

•Bossk – Fearsome Hunter (60)

Contraband Cybernetics (3)

•Greedo (1)

•Zam Wesell (4)


HWK-290 Light Freighter – •Torkil Mux – 56 (group 1)

•Torkil Mux – Mercenary Miner (38)

Moldy Crow (16)

•Protectorate Gleb (2)


Total: 200/200


Now to the game.





Defeat for the Scum and Villainy, and a very heavy one, 200-38


Not a good start to say the least. I did many mistakes for sure, and Piter was right to point that I deployed my ships too close of each other. I did many bad calls, didn’t see the Star Wing coming to block, and had poor target priority. I honestly thought my red dices were worse than they actually were (my green dices were certainly good but that was not enough), and those damn crits were an issue, but this was absolutely not a game won on dices. I played poorly, and Piter played very well. Good game, Piter! And I wish you the best of luck for the remainder of the tournament!


So I’m 0-1. Not a good start, not a good start… We’ll see what happens next week.



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