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Rogue Outpost Weekly League, season 2, round 6: Ben MacLean (Scum/Separatists) vs Nébal (Scum/Empire/First Order)

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Rogue Outpost Weekly League, season 2, round 6, the last one! And a new battle report in English. Of course, I’m French, so I’m genetically designed to speak and write an awful English… Please be kind!


This league, run by the Rogue Outpost from the UK, is a casual competition with a fun twist: for each round there are specific list building rules. There they are:

  • Round 1: your list must include one I6 pilot and at least four generic pilots.
  • Round 2: your list must include at least three separate torpedo upgrades.
  • Round 3: your list must be Hyperspace format.
  • Round 4: your list must include only I3 and I4 pilots.
  • Round 5: your list must only be comprised of pilots with even numbered agility and even numbered initiative.
  • Round 6: using the YASB “Multi-faction” option, your list must include ships from at least two factions.

I really like this kind of tournaments that compel players, most of the time, to be creative and not rely on the current meta, which can be quite boring after some time.


For this sixth and last round, therefore, we had to do something utterly illegal in regular games: mix factions! And one precision matters: it has been ruled that all pilots, whatever their faction, would be allied to each other. So we could expect… well, unexpected shenanigans and terrifying combos.


I have been paired with Ben, a very nice player from the UK, who brought the following list: double Firespray? Yes. But different. And even more terrifying maybe than the usual Separatist list… as a grown-up Boba Fett was there with Zam Wesell!


Firespray-class Patrol Craft – •Boba Fett – 108 (Scum and Villainy)

•Boba Fett – Notorious Bounty Hunter (86)

Marauder (6)

•Dengar (6)

Thermal Detonators (3)

False Transponder Codes (2)

•Lone Wolf (5)


Firespray-class Patrol Craft – •Zam Wesell – 91 (Separatists)

•Zam Wesell – Clawdite Changeling (76)

•Count Dooku (10)

Thermal Detonators (3)

False Transponder Codes (2)


Total: 199/200


As for myself, after some hesitations (I had thought for some time to bring a “Dark Side of the Force” list with Dark Side Force users from three different factions), I finally brought the following weird list, with Scum and Villainy, Galactic Empire and First Order pilots:


Lancer-class Pursuit Craft – •Asajj Ventress – 69 (Scum and Villainy)

•Asajj Ventress – Force of Her Own (68)

•Shadow Caster (1)


HWK-290 Light Freighter – •Torkil Mux – 56 (Scum and Villainy)

•Torkil Mux – Mercenary Miner (38)

•Moldy Crow (16)

•Protectorate Gleb (2)


TIE/in Interceptor – •Nash Windrider – 40 (Galactic Empire)

•Nash Windrider – Alderaanian Zealot (40)


TIE/fo Fighter – •“Scorch” – 35 (First Order)

•“Scorch” – Zeta Leader (33)

Fanatical (2)


Total: 200/200


Now to the game.





Defeat for my Scum and Villainy/Galactic Empire/First Order alliance, 154-200… A tense game, though, where it went back and forth at every turn or so! Well played, Ben, and congratulations!


So I am 4-2 in the end. I think I have some curse: I can never do better than 4-2, it seems!



Which means that I ended the tournament at the 11th position (there were 38 players).


That was an absolutely marvellous tournament. Many thanks for Rogue Leader who organized it; he’s already thinking about a 3rd season league, in October maybe, and I certainly encourage you to participate: it’s been great fun, with great rules, great opponents, and the prize support seems incredible. Please join the cult!



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