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Kyber Elimination League, season 6, round 3: Nébal (First Order) vs Tim King (Galactic Empire) (battle report in English)

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Kyber Elimination League, season 6, round 3! And a new battle report in English. Of course, I’m French, so I’m genetically designed to speak and write an awful English… Please be kind!


This season is very different from the previous one, of which I have published all my games a few months ago. This Elimination League has a special rule: some cards, pilots as well as upgrades, are banned, based on surveys of the players. A first list of ten banned cards was published at first, but after each round two more cards will be banished. Players therefore don’t have to choose a single list for the whole tournament, and can change their list each round, as long as it doesn’t feature banned cards.


Here is the list of banned pilots for round 3 (the new one being in italics):

  • Hera Syndulla (RZ-1 A-Wing, Rebel Alliance)
  • Baron of the Empire (TIE Advanced v1, Galactic Empire).
  • Inquisitor (TIE Advanced v1, Galactic Empire).
  • Cartel Spacer (M3-A Interceptor, Scum and Villainy).
  • Jango Fett (Firespray-class Patrol Craft, Separatists).
  • Zam Wesell (Firespray­-class Patrol Craft, Separatists).


And here is the list of banned upgrades for round 3 (the new one being in italics):

  • Admiral Sloane (Crew, Galactic Empire).
  • Count Dooku (Crew, Separatists).
  • Zam Wesell (Crew, Scum and Villainy/Separatists).
  • Foresight (Force).
  • False Transponder Codes (Illicit).
  • Proton Rockets (Missile)
  • XX-23 S-Thread Tracers (Missile).
  • Thermal Detonators (Payload).


Hera Syndulla, then. Just appeared, already disappeared. She’s good for sure, but… Yeah. That’s a bit sad. I’m glad Proton Rockets have been banned, though.


For this third round, I have been paired with Tim King, a very nice player from the UK, and member of the Sith Takers Podcast, who brought the following Galactic Empire list, a good ol’ TIE swarm:


TIE/ln Fighter – •”Howlrunner” – 44

•”Howlrunner” – Obsidian Leader (44)


TIE/ln Fighter – •Iden Versio – 41

•Iden Versio – Inferno Leader (40)

Deadeye Shot (1)


TIE/ln Fighter – •Del Meeko – 30

•Del Meeko – Inferno Three (29)

Deadeye Shot (1)


TIE/ln Fighter – •Gideon Hask – 30

•Gideon Hask – Inferno Two (29)

Deadeye Shot (1)


TIE/ln Fighter – •Seyn Marana – 30

•Seyn Marana – Inferno Four (29)

Marksmanship (1)


TIE/ln Fighter – •”Night Beast” – 25

•”Night Beast” – Obsidian Two (25)


Total: 200/200


As for myself, well, I brought my Malarus TIE/fo swarm…


Xi-class Light Shuttle – •Commander Malarus – 58

•Commander Malarus – Vindictive Taskmaster (45)

•Agent Terex (7)

•Hondo Ohnaka (6)


TIE/fo Fighter – “Scorch” – 33

•“Scorch” – Zeta Leader (33)


TIE/fo Fighter – “Longshot” – 31

•“Longshot” – Zeta Ace (31)


TIE/fo Fighter – Epsilon Squadron Cadet – 26

Epsilon Squadron Cadet (25)

Automated Target Priority (1)


TIE/fo Fighter – Epsilon Squadron Cadet – 26

Epsilon Squadron Cadet (25)

Automated Target Priority (1)


TIE/fo Fighter – Epsilon Squadron Cadet – 26

Epsilon Squadron Cadet (25)

Automated Target Priority (1)


Total: 200/200


Now to the game.





Victory for the First Order, 200-99! Well played, Tim, and thank you for the game!


Neither of us knew what the other would play right before the game started. I must say I was quite surprised when I discovered that Tim had brought a good ol’ “Howlrunner”/Inferno swarm. And I thought that was super cool! After all, I used to fly such swarms quite regularly, although that was before drastic points changes and Deadeye Shot. I knew those ships anyway, and was fully aware of the danger of all those “Howlrunner”’ rerolls.  Actually, if range is an issue, “Howlrunner” is far better at giving rerolls than Malarus: every dice can be rerolled, no obligation, no strain… But she’s fragile, and this is why Iden Versio was there, as her personal bodyguard. The three other members of the Inferno Squad were there too, Seyn Marana obviously having the Marksmanship talent, and I knew she could be an issue, triggering prematurely Gideon Hask’ and Del Meeko’s abilities. And finally there was “Night Beast”, because of course.


Now, as much as I like this kind of swarm, with synergy everywhere, I thought mine might have the upper hand. Yes, Malarus’ rerolls could be an issue for “Scorch” (and maybe Malarus herself), but my new generation of TIE Fighters were in many regards better ships than the old ones: more resilient, with one shied each, which could make a real difference; a better dial; the target lock action; finally the technology slot that would be occupied by Automated Target Priority on my Epsilon Squadron Cadets. “Scorch” and “Longshot” could hit harder than all opposing TIE/ln Fighters but maybe for Gideon Hask (yet Seyn Marana was to be dreaded for another reason). Finally, Agent Terex and Hondo Ohnaka would allow me to perform weird support reactive actions.


But first player status was also to be considered. Both our lists being 200 points, we rolled for initiative, Tim won and chose I would go first. That meant “Scorch” would move and shoot before all of the Inferno TIE Fighters, therefore not having the best information and maybe getting strained through Malarus’ rerolls before the enemy shot; same thing for Malarus regarding “Howlrunner”, but that wasn’t the same threat level, purely because of numbers.


I deployed my Cadets in the right corner, but as it appeared Tim would joust. I was not enjoying the idea after what happened in round 2, but I didn’t really have a choice. Both our swarms were deployed in packs, the only thing is that I deployed my Xi­-class Light Shuttle towards the center of my side instead of in the corner: if Tim would want to attack my command ship, he would have to bank right and therefore expose himself to my TIE/fo Fighters, while Malarus remained close enough to grant rerolls to most of my ships and was a bit less susceptible to bump.


Now the main thing at the beginning was to set our swarms so as to restrain the enemy’s maneuvers. I hoped I had chosen the right speed to make most of Tim’s ships bump in the following turns. I sent my Cadets ahead, and then decreased speed for “Scorch”, and once again for “Longshot”, so that my ships would not make a perfect line and would block Tim’s ones if he tried to pass behind my Initiative 1 fighters, and/or have attack opportunities on them, while Malarus banked to give rerolls to everybody and coordinate “Scorch”. And that worked: while all my ships had green tokens, most of Tim’s ships bumped but for Seyn Marana; however, she didn’t have anyone in her bullseye. Malarus, with the help of Agent Terex, immediately got half points on “Night Beast”, which was lucky. Then “Scorch” shot at Iden Versio, my main target due to her bodyguard ability… and got half of her! However “Longshot” did absolutely nothing on “Howlrunner”… My green Cadet then should have destroyed “Night Beast”, but Tim used Iden Versio to cancel all damage inflicted; I was fine with that, since she couldn’t protect “Howlrunner” anymore. So my two other Cadets went after “Howlrunner” herself, and got half points, but she stayed on the board. In the meantime, Tim concentrated fire on my pink Cadet, and got half points on him, but didn’t manage to remove him from the board! There were some epic dices, when Gideon Hask scored four hits but my Cadet rolled three evades… No ships were destroyed, but that first engagement clearly went in my favour.


Now we had a cluster that wouldn’t continue. Most of my TIE/fo Fighters made either Koiogran turns (all three Cadets) or a Segnor loop (“Longshot”, and I really wasn’t sure he would manage to perform his maneuver but he did), except the stressed “Scorch” who turned right to get rid od his stress and hope a shot or a block at “Howlrunner” if possible, otherwise probably at Gideon Hask. In the meantime, Malarus would do a blue bank to keep granting rerolls while getting rid of her own stress and being able to use Hondo Ohnaka, which was more important than being able to shoot. Although I didn’t use him perfectly: jamming “Longshot” was a mistake, since he could still get a calculate token from Agent Terex, and “Scorch” locked Gideon instead of “Howlrunner”, because I really wasn’t sure he could shoot at her. As a matter of fact, he could… and he destroyed her; but she would stay on the board during all the initiative 4 step of the engagement phase, therefore allowing all Inferno Squad pilots to benefit from her rerolls; three of them had bumped, the exception being Seyn Marana. But she and Iden Versio managed to initiative kill “Longshot”, first casualty on my side. Then my Cadets concentrated fire on Del Meeko (because of Automated Target Priority) and killed him. A brutal round once again, I had lost one ship, Tim had lost two… but among those was “Howlrunner”, which changed everything.


Most of my ships were stressed, so the idea was to make as much blue maneuvers as possible; only one of my Cadets bumped, which was a good surprise, but “Scorch” would have to keep his stress and turn right in order not to go out of the board. Malarus could not hope to go back in the fight herself, but her job was to support my TIE/fo Fighters; still, she would be targeted hard by “Night Beast” and maybe Gideon Hask, who she jammed through Hondo Ohnaka, while Seyn Marana finally killed the pink Cadet with her special ability, and Iden Versio did a 3K, which meant “Scorch” would be able to shoot at her, benefitting from the last calculate token on Agent Terex, who therefore turned into a Cyborg. He indeed killed her, but she would be able to fight back; however she chose to go after the green Cadet and did nothing. Gideon Hask then went after the same target instead of Malarus, and took half points, while “Night Beast” scored three hits on my shuttle! After what my two remaining Cadets won half points on Gideon, but didn’t manage to kill him. Once again quite a brutal round, with one less ship on each side.


Now the main question for me was: “Where would Malarus go?” And the answer I gave was that she stayed where she was, hoping for at least one of Tim’s ships to go just in front of me, and the others to bump. As it turned out, “Night Beast” did land right in Malarus’ arc, and Gideon bumped on her, but Seyn Marana didn’t and had my shuttle in arc. My Cadets did a K turn and a Segnor loop, while “Scorch” bumped but finally lost his stress token (he wouldn’t shoot at anybody this time). Malarus killed “Night Beast”, but then Seyn won half points on my command ship; finally, my blue Cadet unexpectedly killed Gideon, therefore my green Cadet couldn’t shoot at Seyn who was too far away, but he attacked the dead Gideon anyway to see if he could earn a calculate token on Automated Target Priority by failing… and he did!


Now it was Seyn Marana alone against four of my ships. I won’t go into details: Tim couldn’t realistically hope to win the game at this point, but he certainly could get more points for a better margin of victory; he very nearly did, chasing a panicked Malarus, but failed in the end and was ultimately destroyed by my TIE/fo Fighters.


And so, victory, 200-99! Good game, Tim! And I wish you the best of luck for the remainder of the tournament!


So I’m 2-1 now… We’ll see next week what happens in round 4. See you soon!



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