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Kyber Cup, season 5, round 4: Nébal (First Order) vs Tharlin (Galactic Empire) (battle report, no audio)

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Kyber Cup, season 5, round 4! And a new battle report in English. Well… Actually, only this blog this time, as we had to play without audio, a first for me, and quite disturbing (there has been some confusion at least one time, entirely my fault).


For this fourth round, I have been paired with Tharlin, a German player, and this video comes from his Twitch channel (I thank him again for granting me the permission to upload it here); he brought the following Galactic Empire list:


TIE/ph Phantom – •”Whisper” – 85

•”Whisper” – Soft-Spoken Slayer (60)

•Fifth Brother (12)

Stealth Device (6)

Juke (7)


TIE Advanced x1 – •Darth Vader – 68

•Darth Vader – Black Leader (66)

Fire-Control System (2)


TIE/sk Striker – •”Duchess” – 44

•”Duchess” – Urban Ace (44)


Total: 197/200


As for myself, I brought my First Order list, my take on a Malarus TIE/fo swarm:


Xi-class Light Shuttle – •Commander Malarus – 58

•Commander Malarus – Vindictive Taskmaster (45)

•Agent Terex (7)

•Hondo Ohnaka (6)


TIE/fo Fighter – “Scorch” – 33

•“Scorch” – Zeta Leader (33)


TIE/fo Fighter – “Longshot” – 31

•“Longshot” – Zeta Ace (31)


TIE/fo Fighter – Epsilon Squadron Cadet – 26

Epsilon Squadron Cadet (25)

Automated Target Priority (1)


TIE/fo Fighter – Epsilon Squadron Cadet – 26

Epsilon Squadron Cadet (25)

Automated Target Priority (1)


TIE/fo Fighter – Epsilon Squadron Cadet – 26

Epsilon Squadron Cadet (25)

Automated Target Priority (1)


Total: 200/200





Defeat for the First Order: 34-167… My first (and probably not last) defeat during this tournament, and, to be honest, the fact that I had three victories until then was clearly some kind of anomaly… And I was utterly destroyed this time. Well played, Tharlin, and I wish you good luck for the remainder of the tournament.


So, Imperial aces. No Emperor Palpatine here, no need, just straightforward aces: a fat “Whisper”, of the kind I like to play myself (although I’ve not used Stealth Device on her or actually any ship since a very long time, but this modification seems to make a comeback recently, and I’ve struggled with uncatchable stealthy Actis a few times those last weeks); a classical Darth Vader with only Fire-Control System (and therefore no Afterburners); and a naked “Duchess”, as she comes.


What about the matchup? I would say… it was fair? I had the numbers for me, and actually a better global agility, weirdly enough. Catching aces is of course the main difficulty, but, as acy as those aces were, it must be pointed out, I guess, that none of them here had double repositioning abilities, Vader being deprived of Afterburners, and the two others relying on special abilities to arc-dodge, namely cloaking and Adaptative Ailerons; they still had more options than me, and their superior initiative meant they could react more easily at my moves, my swarm being quite monolithic (although probably not as much as many swarms).


But it was very soon a nightmare for me. Everything went wrong, and, although the dices were not in my favour (except for one very special roll…), I must blame my poor strategy in the first place. I did many mistakes, and was logically crushed.


I did not know how to engage combat. I tried something weird, and that was a very bad idea; actually, had I been more brutal, the outcome could have been very different… I didn’t know where to engage, actually, that was the first issue. Tharlin’s aces could easily flank me: that’s what aces do. Therefore I probably should have gone against one of them with all my swarm, to try and get rid of one as soon as possible. Probably not “Whisper”, who kept her distances as Phantoms do, but Darth Vader and “Duchess” could have been submerged by my swarm.


But I thought I could be in a better position by making an early global K-turn, playing it slow, letting the enemy come at me, and that was not the right thing to do, especially as Commander Malarus, unable to K-turn, went way too far: her re-roll aura didn’t cover all my TIE/fo, therefore, and she made a logical primary target since. Maybe a red stop could have prevented some of these issues, but, actually, flying straight towards the enemy would in hindsight have been the better choice.


And all went wrong. I’ve lost two TIE/fo very soon, and there was some bad luck here, but my maneuvering was awful and my attacks were poor.


Well, one wasn’t: I certainly did not think I would inflict four damages on Vader on a very lucky roll! But that was the best I could do, and I wasn’t able to get rid of the Sith Lord anyway. Beyond that, I think “Duchess” lost one hull, and that was it.


In the mean time, I did many mistakes, not anticipating my opponent’s moves. The worst blunder (well, after those meaningless K-turns) was when I got tricked by “Duchess”Adaptative Ailerons, bumping on the TIE/fo I thought to have positioned especially with her in mind, and then slooping just past them. What a jerk I was…


There’s not much more to say, I’m afraid. I’ve flown very badly, Tharlin was way more accurate, and he logically destroyed most of my ships. Well played!


As for me, let’s hope round 5 will be better…



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Nice battle report! :)<br /> <br /> And I was really afraid of your Malarus swarm before the match. I did not play against one myself before, but I heard horrible stories of how evil those swarms are. And in theory they it sounds very hard hitting.<br /> <br /> So I tried to avoid a "delayed joust" and my idea was to play it the same way as I did against Sloan-Swarms: Ignore the TIEs, kill the supporter and then try to get as much of them as possible.<br /> <br /> But as you know, now plan survives the first engagement... :D<br /> <br /> I got the opportunity to shoot some TIEs first and the outcome was the best that could happen to me. And then Malarus was even facing away from the battle so I decided to go for the "fighting targets" first.<br /> <br /> All in all I think that K-Turn was the mistake, that made most of your ships come "late" into battle and give me the opportunity to take them out one by one.<br /> <br /> Thanks for the friendly atmosphere at the game and I hope we meet again in another online event. :)<br /> <br /> May the force be with you! [ Whatever side of the force you choose :D ]<br /> Tharlin
Thank you!<br /> <br /> Yes, the K-turn was a very bad idea, and it crippled me until the end of the game...<br /> <br /> Not the best example of what a Malarus swarm can do! But I assure you it can be very strong, and i've had good fun playing it.<br /> <br /> May the Force be with you as well!<br /> <br /> (Dark Side being better. Obviously.)